Website Website (Website) works towards the research & creation of a more poetic web.

You may reach us to think about / collaborate on websites at

You are on a website right now. So, websites must matter.

I love the internet because it's where I can gather all the people I love in one place. Don't you?

But how do we design that place?

We think about how websites can make you feel things—exploring the affordances & potential of the browser as a canvas, making websites that make you feel things.

Before that comes the making.

I love to think about websites. I love to browse websites. I love to click through websites. I love to feel websites, in both the metaphysical sense and in the invisible infrastructure sense. I love to excavate a website (and love it when I can read a website). I love to show websites to my friends. I love it when we make websites. I love it when we believe in websites.

WW(W) is the web-based practice & studio of Chia Amisola a net artist, developer, and web lover.